Klic by Shenkin

Discover Klic by SHENKIN exclusive jewelry concept. Rather than a regular jewelry that is set for good, Klic by SHENKIN offers interchangeable and evolving pieces that you can combine in any way you want. On a cord or a bracelet, on a necklace, a ring or even earrings, just 3 steps to create your own style! Change your style in just one Klic! Klic by SHENKIN collection includes pieces either for men, women or kids, bringing you the freedom of wearing the same model of Klic as your loved one(s) or expressing your own personal style. There are Klics for every style and taste! A same Klic can be used as a different piece of jewel every day. Either as a bracelet, a necklace, a ring or an earring, the models of Klics fit perfectly with the collection of straps. One Klic, multiple jewels! Multiple Klics. Multiple straps. One or more Klics can be put on one or more straps. The Klic is fitted with an opening system easy-to-use. It’s definitely effortless to change your style!