Welcome to the world of Gullain. We are Ronnie&Maayan and together we fulfill our dream which is to fulfill dreams for you. It was the love of fashion, silence and style that created our immediate connection, and soon became the desire to bring something different and more accurate to the world. Something with language, with a saying, something to be talked about, that no one can stay indifferent to. Our collection is designed in Tel Aviv and is handmade in Israel, with attention to diatlis and uncompromisingness on perfect finishes. Our world consists of five precise models, which we have developed for a long time with constant thought and consideration for the variety of different figuries, so that they will be flattered and embraced by any female body, of any size and at any age. You'll meet our models in a wide range of fabrics, colours and kicking prints. Alongside our unique fabrics, ones that you will not be able to meet in every corner, stands our classic collection that brings the same uniqueness and precision, in a cleaner and quieter line. Welcome to our world